Wilde Carter Clack

Work Experience Placements

We offer Year in Industry and Sandwich placements to undergraduates with technical and commercial experience before graduation. At the same time, undergraduates will get the opportunity to get to know Wilde Carter Clack.

Over a number of years, we have encouraged undergraduates to join us for a placement during a break in their studies, typically for periods up to 12 months.

The level of responsibility and the experience undergraduates obtain is very much dependent on their ability, hard work and appetite to learn. Undergraduates will be tasked with a range of demanding technical activities, under the supervision of our senior staff, highly relevant to their academic course. Undergraduates joining the scheme will receive not only a salary but also valuable training and industrial experience that should help them complete their studies and embark on a successful career within engineering.

School work experience, which involves shadowing experienced professionals is a good way to gain an insight into civil, structural, rail and transportation engineering. These placements, typically last up to two weeks. These placements will help school leavers make a decision with their career

For more information and to apply, please email our London Office on mail@carterclack.co.uk.